Somali Girls Can inspires and empowers girls and women to take charge of their lives and unlocks their full potential. We know girls are powerful and have limitless potential, so we focus on providing them with the tools in our innovative programmes and with access to opportunities that was not possible.

We believe that girls can change the world, but yet they lack access to opportunities or support. Our programmes will give them the tools to unlock their full potential and at the same time support another girl because each one should teach one.

Global Leadership & Opportunities for Women

Somali Girls Can are empowering girls and women through leadership because every girl is born leader. The leadership programme provides girls and women with the knowledge, skills, network and confidence to reach their leadership potential.
We know that leadership is a set of skills, behaviours, and attitudes that can be learned, practised and refined through experience, mentorship, and education. We believe that all girls and women have leadership capacities that will become evident once recognised and nurtured.

Health is Wealth

It is well documented that health is the second most valuable commodity after time, which shows the importance of keeping healthy therefore we use the power of sports to make positive change on the lives of girls and women.

Somali Girls Can have been encouraging girls and women to participate in our innovative health is wealth programme and take up sports and physical activities to regularly to improve and learn new skills and make friends along the way.

Our innovative programme will empower girls and women to take control of their health before their health takes control of them. Without health there is no wealth and they wont be able to reach their potential.


Somali Girls Can are empowering girls and women through entrepreneurship by getting them to start their own business or social enterprise and helping them to grow their business, so that they can take control of their own life.

We believe that female entrepreneurs make significant contribution to economic growth and to poverty reduction and therefore creating stability.

Our entrepreneurship programme will empower them to take control of their lives by not depending on anyone but themselves and improve access to opportunities such as capital and mentors and provide technical assistance, invest in projects, improve networks and knowledge.

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